1) What is Continet?
Continet is the legal and automated social network for cryptocurrency lovers.

Here you can achieve a revenue and build your own business. Moreover, these are the wide financial, marketing and trade opportunities for partners all around the world.
2) What can I find at Contynet?
You will find a crypto exchange, crowdfounding platform, enormous business tools and much more.
3) What else is possible at Contynet?
You can talk with your friends, get a long, active revenue and built a businessship with partners from all over the world. Also here you can find new friends and partners.
4) How can I register at Contynet?
First go to the button "Register". Choose a language, fill in all the fields and accept the usage conditions. Confirm the "Capcha” and go to the register button.
5) What can I do when I have forgotten my password?
If you have forgotten your password, go to the interrogation mark which you will find at the interrogation button und follow the instructions. You will get an E-Mail with an instruction how to recover your password.
6) I have registered, what ist he next step?
When you are registered you should complete your profile. Go to the menu right above and edit the settings. Here you can choose a random colour for your design. When you have filled out all lines go to the button "save". On the right menu you can change all extended settings.
7) Where can I find my partner link?
On the right side is a vertical button with the name "My info". Go to it. On this paragraph you will find all your datas.
8) Where can I find my messages?
Please check always your new messages. If you get a new message you will find above in the menu bar a yellow triangle. Go to the triangle and a message will open. If you mark a message as readen the yellow triangle will disappear. You can also read all messages in the menu bar "News".


Yours respectfully,
ContyNET team